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Thanks for Camping New Jersey!

                                             ELLO fellow campers! It's time again to plan your trip to
                                             the open air, the forest, the beach... the outdoors. You've
                                             already taken the first step by picking up this handy guide-
                                             book to camping in the great state of New Jersey. Inside
                              H you'll find tips, photos, features, and tons of information
                              about campgrounds throughout New Jersey's six distinct regions.
                                In Gateway, Skylands, Shore, Southern Shore, Delaware River, and Great-
                              er Atlantic City, there are loads of things to do, sights to see, hiking trails
                              to explore... The best thing about a camping trip is it's all yours. You plan
                              where you want to stay, you choose what you'd like to bring... this is YOUR
                              adventure and the NJ Campground Owners Association can't wait to help
                              you plan it.
                                To help you navigate the landscape here, this book is broken into region
                              sections... turn the page for the compass and let it direct you to the location
                              of your choice. The region pages have ideas for places to go, plus inside you'll
                              find campground listings with contact info, descriptions, and photos. New
                              icons give you fast key info as well.
                                If campground amenities are what's important to you, refer to our charts
                              on each region page. This year it's been streamlined and updated, focusing
                              more on the information that's important to you.
                                I hope this year brings you time to sit by the campfire and laugh while you
                              make memories with your family and friends.

                                YOUR New Jersey adventure awaits!

                                Vicki Clark
                                New Jersey Travel Industry Association

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