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Welcome Campers!

                                ELCOME  to  your  New  Jersey     equipment – a tent, a yurt, an RV or rent a cabin, park
                                Camping Adventure!                model, or glamping tent, each campground has something
                                As you prepare for your getaway un-  special to offer. From the fresh air to the beautiful land-
                                der the stars, I’d like to thank you   scapes, it’s about the fun you are about to have.  Each re-
             W for selecting the New Jersey Camp-                 gion has something unique to offer, there is hiking, fishing,
             ground  guidebook  published  by  the  New  Jersey  Camp-  horseback riding, zip lining, water sports and much more.
             ground Owners Association. Inside, you’ll find everything   The best part is being able to customize your own out-
             you need to plan a memorable camping vacation.  You’ve   door adventure.  Whether it’s a family vacation, friend’s
             already made the right choice by choosing the Garden State.  trip or a wedding, it’s all about creating memories that last
             New Jersey has so much to offer from the Mountains to the   a lifetime.
             Shore and everything in between. The state is divided into   Let your adventure begin!
             six regions, Gateway, Skylands, Shore, Southern Shore, Del-
             aware River, and Greater Atlantic City, and we’ve organized   Karen Kymer
             this book that way as well, listing contact information and   President - NJCOA
             amenities for every campground as well as things to do in
             each region.  To help you navigate the state, a detailed map
             is located in the center of the book.
               It’s all about the Camping Experience!  Whether you own

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