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GREATER                                                      Letter from the President  |  6
                                                                           NJCOA President, Anita Pferfferkorn
            ATLANTIC                        SKYLANDS                       welcomes you to camping in New Jersey.
                        CITY                           PAGE 22

                      PAGE 11                                              Letter from the Governor  |  7
                                                                           Governor Philip Murphy welcomes
                                                                           you to New Jersey and offers a few
                                                                           suggestions for your visit.

                                                                           Officers & Trustees   |  8
                                                                           NJCOA is a group effort of dedicated

                    SHORE                  SOUTHERN                        members who help to make New Jersey
                                                                           one of the country’s leading campground
                      PAGE 35                                              destination locations.
                                                       PAGE 54

                                                                           Regional Overview of all
                                                                           New Jersey Campgrounds  |  10
                                                                           Check out the campgrounds by region
                                                                           and by name. Pages for each region can
                                                                           be found to the left and the state map
                                                                           showing the locations of all campgrounds
                                                                           can be found on pages 40 & 41.
           DELAWARE                           GATEWAY
                     RIVER                                                 State Map  |  52 & 53

                      PAGE 72                          PAGE 77             All of the state’s campgrounds are plotted
                                                                           on this full New Jersey map and broken out
                                                                           into regions for your convenience.

                                                                                    Follow us on…

         The New Jersey Campground Owners Association (NJCOA) is the trade association representing the privately owned
         commercial campgrounds in the State of New Jersey. It is dedicated to serving the needs of its members and providing the
         public with camping, RVing, and outdoor lodging information throughout the state. NJCOA promotes the recreational
         camping lifestyle through the distribution of educational and informational publications and brochures. By coming
         together as an association, the members of NJCOA aim to guide the growth of the camping industry in New Jersey and
         to stimulate the development of excellence in accommodations and outdoor hospitality to our clientele. (aka New Jersey
         Campground & Outdoor Lodging Association)

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