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                                             PO Box 808, Marmora, NJ 08223
                                               Business Line: 609-545-0145

                  OFFICERS and TRUSTEES

                                            Karen Kymer, Kymer’s Camping Resort
                                                  VICE PRESIDENT
                                         Justin Crane, Hospitality Creek Campground

                                            Anita Pfefferkorn, Indian Rock RV Park
                                          Clayton Taylor, Camp Taylor Campground

                                                  PAST PRESIDENT
                                         Dave Benn, Pomona RV Park & Campground
                                           Jace Kandle, Lake Kandle Campground
                                            Judy LaPorta, Little Oaks Campground
                                             Matt Benn, Sea Pirate Campground
                                      Randy Pricskett, Sleepy Hollow Family Campground
                                         Lisa Torella, The Great Divide Campground
                                        Scott Turner, Ocean View Resort Campground
                                              EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                                     Joann DelVescio

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